The FuturePay Advantage

FuturePay’s MyTab™ is more than a digital payment method. We provide your customers with an easy and reliable way to shop more often.

  • Increase Customer LTV

    Some FuturePay customers have had their revolving MyTab™ accounts open for over 7 years, financing multiple purchases with a single application.

  • Attract New Customers

    Our research shows retailers who offer MyTab™ can attract up to 37% more first time purchasers.

  • Grow Customer Loyalty

    Implementing a revolving line of credit like MyTab™ drives customers back again and again, building loyalty to your brand.

How MyTab™ Works

With MyTab™, shoppers get the financial freedom to apply once, buy often and pay later using revolving credit, without the hassle of credit cards or single purchase installment loans.

  1. Friction-free Checkout
    Having MyTab™ available at checkout makes it easy for your customers to say “yes.” Returning shoppers only need to enter username and password to complete their purchase, so you'll see fewer abandoned carts.
  2. Easy Approval for Opening a Line of Credit
    Unlike with credit cards, our platform qualifies and approves shoppers in seconds - no need to leave the cart.
  3. Repeat Purchases Made Easy
    You get paid within two business days while your customers pay us over time. We keep the line of credit for your customers open, so you can sit back and watch repeat purchases come in.

Partnering with FuturePay

Reap the benefits of lifecycle lending


"Lending competition is good and welcomed in most markets. The winning model will follow lifecycle lending. Don’t settle for financing one transaction; bring in the consumer and watch how they pay and transact."

Brian Riley, Director, Credit Advisory Service at Mercator Advisory Group

Find New Customers.

We refer qualified shoppers from other FuturePay merchants through cross-merchant marketing campaigns.

Get Started Fast.

Integration with most e-commerce platforms is quick and easy.

Make Shopping Seamless.

Optimized for any device, MyTab™ means more flexibility at checkout.

Keep Things Transparent.

Your customers can easily access their payment options and schedule.

Grow with Confidence.

Our expert marketing and technical teams are here to support you.

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Effortless Integration

We can get you up and running by integrating with your existing e-commerce platform. Our tech support team is with you every step of the way.